12 tips for branding on Youtube

YouTube branding is an important element in any brand marketing strategy. It helps increase audience attention and interest in your brand, increase visibility and increase the number of subscribers and views of your videos.

12 tips for branding on YouTube: channel preview, title image design, etc.:

  1. Set up a convenient and easy-to-remember URL for your channel. Order service
  2. Create an attractive and professional channel cover image that reflects the theme and style of your brand.
  3. Use your brand's stylized logo on your cover image and video. Order a logo
  4. Ensure consistency in the design of all videos so that they are easily recognizable and associated with your brand.
  5. Create a convenient and aesthetic channel menu to easily find the videos and information you need about your brand.
  6. Add a professional soundtrack to your video that matches the style and mood of your brand.
  7. Use tags and keywords in your video for better visibility and audience growth. Order optimization
  8. Assign the best videos to your channel's main page to get more exposure for your brand.
  9. Ensure that the content on your channel is regularly updated to keep your audience focused and engaged. Order video editing
  10. Place your social media links on the channel to allow for greater interactivity and engagement with your audience.
  11. Create a short and catchy tagline for your brand and use it in videos and promotional materials.
  12. Analyze and refine your YouTube branding strategy based on your audience's feedback and reactions.


A professionally designed channel with a convenient menu and a visually attractive design reflects the high level of your company, which can attract new customers and increase the loyalty of existing ones.

Regularly updating your content and analyzing the audience's reaction to your videos helps to ensure the constant development of your brand and keep your audience's attention and interest.

Taking into account YouTube branding tips will help improve the quality and effectiveness of your brand marketing strategy, and ensure greater visibility and success for your business on YouTube.

Video editing and design: from a one-time order to permanent cooperation

Actually, video montages are just a "folding" of a film from individual frames, where transition effects from one fragment to another are used. At the amateur level, you can do it yourself. However, if you want to get a really high-quality product aimed at a wide audience, you should entrust the work with video materials to professionals from Artangel. We will take into account all the wishes of the client and provide high-quality design and video services. You are satisfied with the result!

What video editing services do we offer

Video editing by Artangel is a guarantee that the product will be of high quality, visually interesting and informative

We work with videos of various directions:

  • videos for corporate clients;
  • review videos;
  • promo video;
  • video clips of various events from the life of the company.

Experienced professionals perform both simple video editing, which involves trimming unnecessary frames, and dynamic editing - with audio overlay, pre-processing and professional framing. Video editing is made according to an individual scenario, prepared taking into account the wishes of the downloader.

What determines the cost of services

The price of video editing services and design depends on various factors:

  • duration of the task;
  • complexity of the task;
  • the quality of the material provided.

Artangel is ready to individually discuss the terms of cooperation and the cost of services.

5 reasons to order video editing in Artangel

Turning to Artangel, you can count on the following benefits:

  • loyal pricing policy;
  • creative approach to video editing;
  • doing the job as soon as possible;
  • availability of all the necessary equipment for high-quality design and video editing;
  • high quality of order fulfillment.

If you are interested in our offer, please contact us. Let's discuss the details of cooperation.

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