Creating promo videos


up to 3 minutes


Promo video

Scripting, staging, narration, narration, graphic editing

up to 3 minutes

Video Portfolio

Promotion video is an image video that is used to promote a brand on the Internet (pre-roll), video advertising on social networks, on Youtube or for promotional e-mails.

Promo video is a short video to present a product/service or company to a client in a more accessible and faster way than text.

Video reviews, testimonials or instructional videos are the best way to help a customer make a buying decision. Such a video can be as simple as possible, but it must be informative.

YouTube Video Editing:

  • First, let's define the theme of the video. We will shoot and select a good quality video and photo for the future video.
  • Video editing - selection of a video series according to the script, overlaying titles, effects.
  • Music - selection of musical accompaniment and special effects for transitions.
  • Create a splash screen, animation in the video.
  • Title picture, preview - splash screen design for YouTube, the most important picture of a YouTube video or channel.
  • Render the final video clip in FullHD format.

Creating Product Promotions

The promo video has proven itself as a marketing tool. Unlike outdated advertising methods, it is able to convey information about the product in a fun and accessible way. The creation of promotional videos for goods and services is based on creativity, since there are no strict restrictions on duration and design. The main task is to interest the consumer. You can order this service in our company and be 100% sure of the quality of the promo.

Why do modern businesses need promotional videos?

Promo videos allow you to solve the following tasks:

  • create a positive image of the product. Judging by the results of marketing research, about 30% of people buy a product after the first viewing of a promotional video, another 60% are interested in it;
  • attract interest. Thanks to a bright and high-quality demonstration, you can talk about all the advantages of the product, exclusive opportunities for its use;
  • allow you to increase sales. Promotional videos allow you to interest potential customers in buying products.

Shooting promotional videos is one of the activities of our company. We will take care of everything from idea development to installation. We provide content ready for further use. The cost is formed individually, taking into account the complexity of the filming process, the scale of the idea, the duration of the finished product and other factors. Contact us to discuss the details.

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