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YouTube is considered the best channel for communication with the target audience, and this applies to both large and small businesses. Do you want to achieve optimal results? Artangel is ready to help you with this. We offer a range of services, from promo video editing to YouTube preview design at reasonable prices. We will discuss the terms of cooperation individually.

Video editing for YouTube:

  • First, let's define the theme of the video. We will shoot and select a good quality video and photo for the future video.
  • Video editing - selection of a video series according to the script, overlaying titles, effects.
  • Music - selection of musical accompaniment and special effects for transitions.
  • Create a splash screen, animation in the video.
  • Title picture, preview - splash screen design for YouTube, the most important picture of a YouTube video or channel.
  • Render the final video clip in FullHD format.


What is included in the range of video services for YouTube?

We offer:

  • Mounting promotional videos for YOUTUBE. We use advanced technologies and methods to create high-quality content that will be of interest to your target audience. We will take care of the uniqueness of the video and its high quality.
  • Video shooting for YOUTUBE. We have all the necessary equipment to provide quality content for uploading to video hosting.
  • SEO optimization for YouTube channel. This is a set of measures to improve the ranking of content, raise positions in search results and retain the target audience.
  • Youtube preview design. We use original graphic tools and current music to make the outpost as attractive and original as possible. Be sure to listen to the wishes and recommendations of customers.

Why us?

By contacting our company, you can count on:

  • generation of high-quality and effective video content;
  • increasing the number of regular customers and partners;
  • increase your brand awareness;
  • receiving a direct channel of communication with users;
  • getting organic traffic to the main site.

You work for a reputation, so we guarantee high quality services. Contact the contacts listed on the site to discuss cooperation right now. We guarantee favorable conditions!

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