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To increase the level of customer confidence and strengthen the image of each company, you need to take care of creating a competent, professional catalog. It is especially important to take into account the stylistic decisions of the brand and corporate identity when launching this product. The catalog should correspond to the general conceptual orientation.

The catalog is the most informative type of polygraphy, large in terms of volume and development time. In order for this product to fulfill its tasks, it is necessary to think through its structure as much as possible during development.

Internet catalog in PDF format

The online catalog in PDF format is a multimedia product used as a supplement to the printed version. It can also be distributed separately. Many entrepreneurs use the online catalog as an attachment to a full-fledged website to tell in detail about the products and services offered.
Different types of Internet directories, like other types of communications, can create new products. The main thing is not to forget that when creating this product, you must use only the data that is useful and interesting to potential customers.

Internet catalog in PDF format

Given that the PDF format is the most suitable for distribution on the Web (due to the minimum size). A feature of the professional design of an online catalog is both high-quality photos, graphics and collages, as well as competent layout, structured content placement. To do this, it is necessary not only to place information in a balanced way, but also to choose the right font size and think over convenient navigation. This is a guarantee that the design is really professional and worthy of attention.

Creating an online catalog design is a step-by-step work. It suggests:

  1. Search and refinement of the main idea. In order for the result to meet the customer's expectations, it is important to dot the i's. Thanks to this, your target audience will know about the main advantages of the products offered over others.
  2. Concept creation. In working on an online catalog, this stage is considered the most interesting, but at the same time very difficult. The developer needs to decide on the color scheme, style, typography, tempo-rhythm, interior page and cover design, and printing. The specialists of the design studio provide the client with the option that they consider optimal for approval. It is mandatory to demonstrate the basic techniques for designing content and its placement.
  3. Design of internal pages of the Internet catalog with subsequent layout. In terms of time, this stage is the longest. The deadline depends on the complexity of the design concept, the type of information in the catalog and the number of pages. The design studio carries out layout of photo, as well as other illustrative and text content.

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