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We quickly and efficiently carry out design of booklets and leaflets of various topics for your business. Booklets A4 and A3, 2 fold - the most common option. We ask you to provide us with the text of the future booklet and photographic material (if necessary). The customer is provided with 2-3 design options. All work takes 2-5 days.

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Booklet and flyer design

is a popular product of modern advertising; with the help of a leaflet, you can convey the company's advertising message to the consumer.

A leaflet is a sheet of A4 or other format, sealed on one or both sides. A leaflet can be informational, advertising or image-building, depending on the goods or services offered, as well as on the audience whose attention it is intended for.

To sell a product, you must first show it to a potential consumer and convince them to make a purchase. A flyer is designed to demonstrate your product or service, so if your company sells complex or high-tech products or provides any type of service, a flyer is an absolute must.

A flyer can communicate your company or product to a large number of potential customers. Flyers are indispensable when it comes to presenting a product, giving information about it, and indicating where the product can be purchased. Flyers can remind the buyer about a company or product, generate interest and need to purchase goods and services. Bright and colorful flyers are an excellent handout at exhibitions, presentations, promotions.

A leaflet containing a company logo encourages consumers to remember this logo or trademark, to recognize the logo in subsequent advertising contacts, which leads to an increase in sales of goods or services. A full-color flyer on coated paper serves as a kind of guarantee of the reliability of the company and its products.

Flyer can be black and white or full color and can be printed on offset or coated paper. The sizes of leaflets can be different, but the standard leaflets are A4 (210x297 mm), the leaflet can be one-sided and two-sided.

Promotional booklet

- information printed edition, made on one paper sheet, usually full-color, folded (folded) in a certain way one or more times. All possible options for advertising booklets are limited only by the imagination.

Booklets combine the advantages of low cost and high information content, so the use of promotional booklets is one of the most effective and widely used types of printing products. Booklets allow you to provide consumers with complete structured information in sufficient volume.

Booklets are ideal for informing potential customers about a product or service in offices, presentations, exhibitions, and advertising campaigns. A good booklet contains answers to all the basic questions that a potential client may have. A memorable and informative promotional brochure will create the right impression and make your company stand out from the competition.

Business brochure

Booklets are quite compact, but despite this, they do not have the feeling of incompleteness that arises after reading an advertising leaflet. An advertising booklet is a fairly complex printed product both in terms of production and design. In design, this is due to the fact that the booklet has several strips, each of which should contain certain information and look complete.

Promotional brochures contain visuals, product information and contact information. To develop a booklet, you need a logo, contact information, graphic materials and textual information. If the booklet advertises technical products, graphs and charts are used to increase the visibility of the presentation of information.

Usually, booklets are made on coated paper with a density of 115 to 160 g/m, A4 (210x297 mm) or A3 (297x420 mm) formats

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