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Cover design

Cover design is the most important step in creating a catalog design, as it is a representative face that should attract the attention of buyers.

As a rule, the client asks to see several options for the design of the catalog and for each option a sample of the design of internal pages. Sometimes we make several options for opening the internal pages of the catalog, and then when the client selects the desired option, we draw several options for the cover design to choose from. Both design methods are acceptable.

Catalogue Design Price

catalog design, catalog cover design

Catalog / book cover design

Catalogue design is a complex project that must be up to the level of the company. To showcase your product or service in a favorable light, you need to make a unique, bright and concise design for the cover and inside pages. The catalog is usually in A4 format (210 x 297 mm), but there are catalogs in A5 or Euroflyer format (99 x 210 cm).

Catalogue Design Examples

Catalogue design A professional approach to catalog design will help your customers feel trust in your company, consider all the elements and nuances of your product, and make a choice in the direction of your offer.

Catalogue design

When creating a catalog design, it is important to define the structure and logical sequence of important elements with well-chosen photographs and illustrations. A well-designed design helps buyers find the right information about your product very conveniently and quickly.

Product catalog design is divided into 2 main stages:

  • Creating a cover design
  • Internal page design

catalog design, page catalog layout

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