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Product catalogs design and printing

Catalogue Design Catalog Print

Catalogue design

– this work includes the design of the cover and spread (several options), the design of all page elements and the color scheme of the publication.

Creating a directory

It starts with the design of the catalog and this process is quite laborious. We will create a catalog design and print the catalog within 5 working days. First, we need to get your text for all pages, photo materials and wishes.

Catalogue design price

The price of the design depends on some factors of your project, the need for:

  • photo processing
  • creating illustrations, drawings, 3D images
  • table layouts
  • logo development, logo redesign
  • number of pages
  • text proofreading

As a rule, we work on a 50% prepayment.

Catalog file format

You get a PDF file ready for printing at the print shop and, if desired, a smaller file for viewing on a computer and sending via mail.

Catalog creation process:

print design

product catalog design and layout

photo services for product catalog

product catalog edit text

print product catalog




layout design

photo and


check for typos

(proofread) text

for print


Examples of our product catalogs


If you don't have a website with a product catalog yet, you can order from us Creating a Site with a Catalog

Creating a product catalog

Catalog can be A4, A3, Euroflyer or 210x210mm. It is of an advertising and informational nature, briefly introducing the consumer to the content, your products, services, and has an introductory and presentational nature, telling the consumer in more detail about the product or service.

We are working on the creation of advertising booklets, product catalogs, both industrial and commercial enterprises of Ukraine. Most often, such layouts are based on texts, graphic elements and, at the request of the customer and depending on the semantic load, can be supplemented with illustrations. To depict the workshops of enterprises and product samples, photographic materials are also used.

Design and print product catalog

Catalogue delivery in Kiev and Ukraine

In addition to the design of booklets, product catalogs, we also offer their production, with delivery by Post.

Being engaged in the design of booklets, catalogs in the advertising market of Ukraine for 14 years, we have reached a certain level, and we can proudly speak about the level of professionalism in this area. But the examples of work on this page of the site will tell us better than ourselves.


A catalog is a multi-page publication in the form of a book to showcase goods or services to a potential client.

Advertising catalog - represents a list of goods or services, systematized one way or another in meaning, decorated with design ideas and photographs. The advertising catalog has an artistic idea and should attract the reader.


Catalog print run 100 pieces 1000 piecesHow many copies of catalog should I make? It is optimal for the best cost price to print 5-200 pieces in digital offset, from 500 - offset printing. Between these figures are ranges of expensive catalogs at cost.

Each product catalog is a unique product that is not created on the basis of templates, but is created from scratch using your comments and wishes.

Write to us and we will calculate the cost of producing your catalogue.

Web design

Development website, optimization and promotion


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