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Logo design

The logo reflects the whole essence of the company. An attention-grabbing logo will be profitable and boost sales of the company's products, which is not the case with a bad logo or no logo at all. To a greater extent, the logo does not affect the customer's decision to purchase, so a good logo can be considered the success of the company.

Logo design and branding prices

Logo design is an integral part of every company striving for success and expansion. It is the development of a unique logo, thanks to which consumers will distinguish you from other competing companies, that requires maximum attention and ingenuity.

During development, you need to remember that ideallylogoshould reflect the activities of the company and have an image that sticks in memory so that consumers easily remember your logo and associate it with positive emotions.

Before proceeding with the development of the logo, we examine the logos of all competitors in this environment in order to avoid repetition or similarity between the logo we invented and the existing one.

Our work:

logo candle
apple touch icon
logo on dark background
Infinity logo
sweet cresent logo web

Logo design and branding prices

Logo development steps

First of all, our designer talks with the customer about the area in which he works, in order to better know the tastes of the customer and the area of ​​his work. After that, he analyzes the information received, tries to find the best associations with the activities of the customer, conducts an analysis among other competing companies and develops a product that is different from others and stands out from the crowd.

At first, it will be a set of graphic sketches and sketches, but then the most successful layouts that are listed above and suitable for the logo evaluation criteria are selected. The number of such sketches directly depends on the severity and seriousness of the customer to the task. There can be 1-2 or more than 10 options. Subsequent actions are up to the customer, because he needs to choose the layout he likes more or report on the refinement of some options and only then approve, in the customer's opinion, the ideal layout. Then designer enters the colors according to the customer's requirements. After minor adjustments, the logo takes on its final form. A successful logo is undoubtedly a profitable investment that will pay for itself many times over. Once created, it exists and works by itself.

The logo will be presented in vector format for printing, in the form ofte for web design, andwebsite, as well as on a white and black background.

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Corporate style

Corporate style is an integral part of the image of any self-respecting Company. Corporate colors, symbols, logo and even a specific font are the elements by which customers, partners, ordinary people, consumers of your products recognize you. A good corporate identity reflects the main activity of the company. Your corporate identity will work for you.

Package includes:

  • logo design
  • development of corporate elements: stickers, business cards, calendars, letterheads, logos for printing and web design
  • providing different options for applying the logo on a black and white background, a black and white version of the style and logo

We recommend developing a corporate identity, because it is the corporate identity that sets your company apart from many faceless enterprises with boring names and nondescript logos.

Logo design for a business company

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Web design

Development website, optimization and promotion


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